Outdoor Skills Camps

What are Outdoor Skills Camps?

Outdoor skills are the skills you learn to feel at home in the woods and nature. Skills such as reading a map and recognizing your surroundings, obtaining drinkable water, pitching a tent and hanging your food, leaving no trace when hiking or camping in the woods, knowing first aid and being comfortable and safe, being able to tie a good knot, starting a fire in various ways.

Outdoor science is part of knowing outdoor skills. Recognizing the trees, shrubs and flowers, knowing the life habits of local animals, being aware of types of insects that you hear and see, observing topography and where the water flows, predicting weather and knowing the time of day by the light and angle of the sun.

And then there is outdoor activities such as fishing and archery, hiking, playing camouflage and creek-crawling, pressing flowers, making observations of animals signs such as tracking, scat and nests, catching bugs, building forts,  and just hanging out in an outdoor spot that means something special to you.

And just as important is creating something beautiful and useful in the outdoors – journaling, drawing and painting, writing, creating a sculpture or pattern of natural materials, plant dyes and pigments, weaving, and so much more….

All these things and more are part of outdoor skills camps.